6:48pm October 1, 2013

“Why live a life
That’s painted with pity
And sadness and strife
Why dream a dream
That’s tainted with trouble
And less than it seems
Why bother bothering
Just for a poem
Or another sad song to sing
Why live a life”

— Emilie Autumn, “The Art of Suicide” (via to-better-manage-my-damage)
11:07pm June 6, 2013
11:05pm June 6, 2013


The many faces of miss Autumn

11:00pm June 6, 2013
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  • Track Name: Opheliac Strings Track

Ringtone I made of Emilie Autumn’s “Opheliac”.

(It’s kinda quiet, sorry.)

this is beautiful! can i have a download link? pretty please?